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Friday, October 23, 2020

System Requirements

  • PHP support for the SQLite PDO driver
  • PHP support for the MySQL PDO driver
  • MySQL with InnoDB support
  • PHP support for PDO
  • PHP support for GD2
  • PHP 5.2.8 and above

Administration Features

  • HTML5/Flash multi-file uploader with upload status indicators
  • Multiple image ‘slices’ per image with individual zoom/crop sizes
  • Custom tag-based architecture
  • Interactive multi-selection via selection drag, or “shift” clicking multiple images
  • Advanced compound filtering for selecting specific images
  • Multiple Gallery support associated by tag
  • Ajax-powered for speed optimization
  • CSS3 animation effects for that desktop application feel
  • Sophisticated slice editor for creating custom views of a particular image file

Frontend Features

  • Gallery view component with various view options: 3x3, 4x4, Details etc.
  • Override-able architecture to allow for custom layouts including custom HTML, CSS, JS, etc.
  • Front-end selectable sort options
  • Ability to “love” an image
  • Image view counter
  • Details view for a particular image with full image information
  • Modules available include: Grid view and new Slideshow module with unique transition effects.

Menu Documentation

Create a RokGallery menu item at Admin → Menu → a menu → New → RokGallery. There are several parameters to control RokGallery:



More Options

Additional configuration options are available at Admin → Menu → a menuRokGallery Menu Item → Parameters (Advanced) or (J17) Page Layout Options, Gallery Page Options & Detail Page Options.

These options allow to configure elements on the main gallery page and the individual gallery pages too:





Module Documentation

RokGallery has a module to display its images outside of the component, and comes in two layout modes: Grid & Slideshow.



Standard Settings

  • Gallery: Select from all available Galleries
  • Link Type: Link in Slice, None, RokBox
  • Default Linked Item: Default link when slice has no URL
  • Show Title: Yes or No
  • Show Caption: Yes or No
  • Default Sort By: Updated Date, Created Date, Title, Views, Loves
  • Default Sort Direction: Ascending or Descending
  • Slice Width: Pixel width of the image
  • Slice Height: Pixel height of the image
  • Slice Limit: Maximum # of slices to show
  • Gallery Style: Light or Dark
  • Gallery Layout: Slideshow or Grid

Slideshow Settings

  • Show Arrows: Yes, No or Only on Hover
  • Navigation Type: Thumbnails, Bullets, Numbers or None
  • Animation Type: selection of animations
  • Animation Duration (ms.): Time for animation duration
  • Autoplay: Yes or No
  • Autoplay Delay (secs.): Time for autoplay delay
  • Thumb Width: Pixel width of the image
  • Thumb Height: Pixel height of the image

Grid Settings

  • Grid Columns: Number of columns

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